hi there.

meet other members, and introduce yourself:

Michael Jenkins

Abraham Cuenca

Julio Berina

“Jacob Ethan Flores“

Nico Gauthier-Pin

Mark Mendoza

Ashley Bradford

Mike Turquette

Aaron Turner

David Nuon

Hector Soto

Alejandra Garbutt

Andrew Pilcher

Erik Mildner

Fred Garbutt

Kenneth Chambers

Alex Medina

Karim Amer

James Hall

Roger Howard

how to add yourself:

  1. join our Github organization - ask someone at the meetup to invite, or on our Slack
  2. pick a username based on the name you're commonly known as. All lowercase, no numbers, no punctuation. Mine is rogerhoward
  3. clone the repo
  4. make a new branch off of development, named based on your username, such as members/rogerhoward
  5. create a new file in /posts/members/ named by date and username, such as 2015-09-29-rogerhoward.md
  6. Tell us a bit about yourself using Markdown to format your content. Make sure to include the headers from template.md.
  7. Commit your changes - write a good commit message!
  8. Open a pull request - how to write the perfect pull request.
  9. Hop on our slack and ask someone to merge it for you!

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