Build a FUSE plugin

February 13, 2016

Ok, go ahead. Build a filesystem, using FUSE and the bindings for your favorite language. You could use Python, or Ruby, or Go, or Lua, or JavaScript, or… really, just about any language out there. So give it a shot. It’s stupidly fun.


  • Filesystems in Userspace
  • aka, really easy to write custom filesystem - bindings for nearly every language imaginable
  • implement a class consisting of up two dozen familiar POSIX methods such as mkdir, rename, symlink, open, read, write, etc. - basic filesystem in 50 lines of code or less
  • not unlike implementing a REST api - a hierarchy (file paths, URLs), using a simple set of verbs to manipulate the documents
  • like REST, you can do a lot with the basic concepts of directories and files - the unix philosophy, eg.: /dev/random, /dev/lp0, /dev/audio, /dev/rtc
  • GDriveFS, TweetFS, WikipediaFS, and many other awesome examples </ul>