Kenneth Chambers

October 1, 2015

Delicious Chicken Sandwhiches!

Also known as “ken Chambers”
Here is a picture of a cat in space! You can search google for more pictures like this if you would like.


My name is Ken , and i love code!

Code - Code -  code , codey code code!

Heres me having some fun with some friends:

I love having fun with friends…


I ALSO love Code and Coffee! I love it because i go there and I can code in peace! And no one is laughing at you for being a nerd, they just say things like:

var question = code_and_coffee_question;

for each (question) {
    var answer = question.overthink_question()
    console.log("akward downward glance",answer);

  1. “oOoOoOo Is that Node.JS ? thats cool can i see what you working on?”

  2. ” hey im starting up a side project using a MEAN stack, do you know anything about that?”

  3. ” Hey who is that weird James guy ?”

  4. ” Would you like to goto a JSLA meetup? im going soon and want to go with some other geeks”

Here is something im working on

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var socketioJwt = require('socketio-jwt');
var express = require('express');
var chickenSandwhich = slap_erik();
var TEMPLE_OS = require('temple_os');

var critiqueit_slaves = [
  {name : 'erik'},
  {name : 'ken'},
  {name : 'alex'},
  {name : 'fred'},
  {name : 'karim'}


function slap_erik(critiqueit_slaves) {
  var me = this;
    // lulllz lullz
  var this = that;

  for(var slave in critiqueit_slaves){
    var slave = critiqueit_slaves[i];
    for( {
        switch (slave.status)
          case 'runs':
            function assign_more_work();
          case 'wants to leave early':
            function handcuff_them_to_desk();
          case 'wants use their own libraries':
            function tell_them_no();
          case 'wants 2 write integration for temple OS'
            function pay_them_obscene_amounts_of_moneys();


    if(! === erik){
      slap_erik('really hard')