Fred Garbutt

October 2, 2015

Hey, Marcella. Nice to see you again, I hear you'll be in town a few days this time
(A train rolls by, I count the cars: 157)
I forget if we met on internet
I am on internet, study @Astros, a baseball team that rlly knows how to ply
Did we meet through Harry? err... Dipset..?
Maybe Conway, errrr..... Harold? What highschool did u go to again?
The @Astros are in town next week
Baseball is the best, @Astros tm is best.
@Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros @Astros
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## God said brontosaurus' feet hurt when He stepped. * I asked if stegasaurus was lame like a turtle. "not pet rocks" * Biggest thing to fly? "Couch" * What did Neanderthals think about? "Warmth" * Hardest part in evolution? Getting monkey mothers to hold babies for nursing. Smother is a problem. ## Happiest day in evolution? "Fruit" * Other interesting point in evolution? "Fish shoulders." * What makes horse happy? "Call of open range" * Which is better orangutang or chimp? "Species exhibit similar glory" * What makes otters happy? "Eternal skies" * What makes my birds happy? "Gnawing" ## What are my birds saying? "chanting" * God's favorite animals are bears, then elephants. * What makes elephants happy? "baths" * What do elephants think about? "skin hunger" * What makes bears happy? "reaping depends" * What's your favorite color? "Jude" Jade blue like ice bergs * Hawking should use his nose if his muscle fails. Blow on candle. Said gets burned though. * Bent wormholes have echoes.